Primary Teachers Promoting Chess

Before the Féile Fichille Tournament

We’ve Registered, What’s Next?

To help schools in getting Féile Ready, we held a webinar in November. This was recorded and is available to view by clicking on the video below.

Picking a Team

See the short video below for guidance on how best to select your team.

To ensure an enjoyable and successful touranment for all students, Ficheall strongly recommend the Féile Fichille Ready Checklist be completed by all students in advance.

Printing the checklist above off for your pupils will ensure they get the most out of their day out.

Student & Team Name Submission

A chess team consists of eight students and schools are welcome to enter up to four chess teams if they wish. Please forward to us the student names and team names of the chess teams you have entered by clicking on the link below.

Please encourage students to come up with their own team name, instead of entering Team A, Team B, etc.

Past examples have included Fonn Fichille, Rebellious Rooks and Chess Club 7. This, along with students wearing their school jerseys/colours give the tournament a unique and positive atmosphere.


Preparing Students – The Checklist

  • Loser Chess and 5X5 Chess will be used as chess variations between chess rounds to maintain engagement among students. Use the hyperlinks to view demo videos for these.


Supervision & Child Protection

It is each school’s decision as to the number of teachers to send with their school chess team(s) but at least one mandated person must accompany the team(s) for child protection reasons. A mandated person is a teacher or principal of the school. SNA’s and parents are not mandated persons.


Note for Parents (optional template)

This Parental Note/Consent Template may be used in conjunction with schools’ Travel Consent Policy, should it be required.

Ficheall do not seek these consent forms from schools.

Next Communication

Once you have completed the student names submission you are ready for your tournament and you will not receive further emails until after the tournament when all results will be emailed to you.