Online Tournaments for Students

Ficheall Online Tournaments for School Teams

These team-based online tournaments are intended to be fun and friendly events. Schools are welcome to enter as many students as they wish. Teachers should follow the three steps below to enable their school and students to participate.
Weekly tournaments will begin on Wednesday 3rd November at 6pm and continue for 6 weeks in total. Don’t worry if your chess players are not ready for the first tournament. They are welcome to join any week’s tournament.
To be completed by a teacher/ chess coordinator in the school:
Step 1: Create a team on for your students. For guidance, teachers can watch this video (look in the description for time stamp links to answer your query quickly – without watching the entire webinar).
Step 2: Teachers can set up online tournaments among students in the team to get them used to the format and experience online tournaments (Team Tournament or Swiss Tournament)
Step 3: Register your school and team details for the Ficheall Online Tournaments for Schools using the registration form below. Teachers must set up the team in advance of registering. Once registered, teachers will be sent tournament links and passwords which can then be shared with students to access.
Do teachers have to log in to the tournaments also? No. The online tournaments take place at 6pm but teachers do NOT need to supervise the tournament or log in at this time. The teacher’s role is to act as a facilitator (share the links and passwords with students). The chat function is turned OFF for the entire online tournaments so students cannot communicate with others online through the platform.
In-built differentiation: The tournaments are open to students of all ability levels – once they have played a few games on , they will receive a chess rating based on their ability.  They will then be paired with other students of a similar ability to play in the tournaments, so everyone should be playing children at their own level.
If you have any further questions about the online Ficheall tournaments for schools  please feel free to use the contact form here.
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