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Chess for Social Skills – Summer Course 2021 – Online using Zoom Video Conferencing

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the traditionally face-to-face summer course will adapt in 2021 using Zoom online video-conferencing technology. The 20-hour course will take place over 5 days in July 2021 (Thurs July 1st, Fri 2nd, Mon 5th, Tues 6th, Wed 7th) from 9.30am to 2pm each day. More information available below course links.

Education Centre Tutor Info
Tipperary Johnny Comer Book here
Carlow Brian Cahill Contact Carlow EC by email to book a place
Kilkenny James Collins Book here
Laois Ruairí McManus Book here
Dublin West David Fitzsimons Book here
Kildare Denis Reilly Book here
Athlone Gary Corcoran Book here
Donegal Michael McConigley Book here
August Course (16th – 20th): 
Drumcondra EC

(August 16th to 20th)

Liam Murray Book here


Format – The course will last 20 hours in total using the Zoom meeting format. The majority of this time will be spent by participants playing chess online against other participants on your course using screen sharing for discussions and breakout rooms. The course will utilise some chess platforms such as Lichess.org and Chessplus.net but the tutor will explain all new technology before using it (Zoom tools and chess platforms).

Number of Participants – Each course will have a limit of 16 participants to ensure greater tutor attention and support throughout the course (rather than a typical face to face course with a maximum capacity of 25 participants).

EPV Days – As usual, the summer course will entitle participants to three EPV (extra personal vacation) days for 2021/2022 as awarded by the DES (Department of Education and Skills).

Tutors – These courses are taught by experienced primary school teachers who have experience of leading chess in their own school.

Venues – See the map below for “venues” for the summer courses for July 2021 (pending approval by the Dept of Education and Skills). As all courses are online it is possible to attend the course in Donegal from the comfort of your home in Wexford!

Starting Point – Chess summer courses DO NOT expect any chess knowledge from participants coming into the course. Chess will be taught to all participants using the fun and interactive mini-games participants can then use to teach the children in the school if they so wish. The course begins with learning how to move the pieces and progresses to cover advanced rules of promotion, checkmate, en passant, scholar’s mate and how to introduce chess and organise chess in a school setting.

Requirements – Participants require a laptop, good wifi and an open mind!

Notice –  This course is NOT one which can be simply listened to while multi-tasking at home. It requires participants to be seated with their laptops, cameras on and engaging. Participants will be playing chess or discussing chess as part of the group for the vast majority of the course. Watching short demonstrations and engaging with explanations by the tutor will form the rest of the course.

Sign up – The summer course, Chess for Social Skills, is not available to book yet in many areas . It should be available by late May. In the meantime, use the form below to pre-register. By providing your email address and other info in the form below, you will be contacted once the course are available to book through your preferred education centre.

Register your interest here if your course is not available to book yet and you will be notified by email when it is open for bookings:

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