Cork is the network of primary school teachers in Ireland who promote social, cognitive and mental-fitness skill development through chess. Ficheall organises one-day chess tournaments to act as a focal point to encourage the playing of chess in schools.

Having read through the tournaments page, if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to email

In Cork, tournaments are organised in partnership with the Cork Education Support Centre and West Cork Education Centre so that all Cork primary schools are included.
Fees: To cover the cost of chess sets, arbiter services, venue costs, insurance, website maintenance and other administration costs charge a flat entry fee of €40 per chess team (8 players) which equates to €5 per student. a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteer teachers and principals.

Venues: tournaments are typically organised at local community halls, GAA halls and school halls. In 2019/2020, schools who volunteer their halls for use will avail of a 50% reduction in entry fees for all teams entered. Hosting a tournament has the added advantage of zero transport costs also. If you believe your school hall is suitable please view the Venue Checklist document. There is an option on the registration form below to indicate your school’s willingness to host a tournament.

Registration for the Cork tournaments has now closed.

Registered schools are shown on the Ficheall map.

Please contact for late registrations and queries. Please note: late registrations will be put on a waiting list and are not guaranteed a place at a tournament.

Many schools use the map to identify local schools that also play chess and organise some friendly games.

History was founded in 2017 under the name Ficheall Bunscoile Chorcaí. In that year 592 students from 38 schools played in five tournaments in Cork county.

The following year 62 schools participated, with 1280 students playing in nine tournaments. That year it changed the name to  to promote the website and include areas outside of Cork.


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