Chess Lessons

A chess teacher must first make sure that they have have enough chess sets. A demonstration board is also recommended. Check out the Chess Resources page for more information on purchasing sets and demo boards.

Learning the basics through mini-games

Using mini-games is a fun, effective, and engaging way to introduce children to chess. The children learn how to play the game piece by piece, before learning more complex concepts like check and checkmate.

The following lessons were developed by Liam Murray and are complemented by a set of videos by Brendan Buckley and posters by Andrew O’ Sullivan. The videos are not completely in-sync with the lessons, but are mapped together by piece for your convenience. The lesson plans are easy to follow and the accompanying videos are short, no more than two minutes in length.

Piece/ Topic

Primary Chess Workshop

Lesson Plans

Liam Murray


Video Tutorials

Brendan Buckley

Chess for Beginners – Slides


Lesson 1 – The Pawn Game

Pawn Game Poster

Pawn Wars


Lesson 2 – Rook Challenge

Rook Challenge Poster

Cat & Mouse Rooks

Rook Rout


Lesson 3 – Radioactive Horse Poo

Radioactive Horse Poo Poster

Lesson 4 – The Dark Knight Game

Dark Knight Poster

Cat & Mouse Knights


Lesson 5 – Bishops Rule

Bishop’s Rule Poster

Cat & Mouse Bishop

Super Cats


Lesson 6 – Team v’s Queen

Team vs Queen Poster

Killer Queen 


Lesson 7 – The King

The Hungry King Poster

King & Pawn Wars

All Pieces

Lesson 8 – Early Chess

Total Wipeout

Check and Checkmate Slides


Lesson 9 – CPR

Bishop Battle


Lesson 10 – Checkmate with puzzles

Queen & Rook Mate




What next?

So now the children have learned how the pieces move and mastered check and checkmate, where do they go from here?

This slideshow contains some ideas that will set them on the road to becoming fully fledged chess players.

The internet is full of great resources that will help children improve their chess game. A list of useful websites and YouTube videos is available on the Chess Resources page.

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