Chess for Social Skills Summer Course

Participant Pack

  1. Ready for Regionals Checklist (opens as a PDF in new tab)
  2. Tournament Review with Students (opens as a PDF in new tab)
  3. Literacy Development through Chess (will download as Word doc)
  4. Chess & Maths Puzzles (link to webpage)
  5. September Action Plan 2021 (will download as Word doc)
  6. Venue Checklist (opens as a PDF in new tab)
  7. Chess Certification Scheme (Extended Version of Ready for Regionals) (will download as Word doc)
  8. Swiss Perfect Guide (opens as a PDF in a new tab)
  9. Chess Research Findings (audio file)

School Self Evaluation

  1. Day 1 Questionnaire
  2. Day 3 Questionnaire
  3. Day 5 Questionnaire

Chess Puzzles

Ficheall Contact List

Join the Ficheall Mailing List – Form

Participant Feedback

Participant Feedback Form 2021 – Completed on Day 5

Course Slides

All necessary PowerPoints needed to teach Chess for Social Skills lessons are available here in a series of 10 lesson plans with slides and videos.

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