Primary Teachers Promoting Chess

Beyond Checkmate

Mastering the End Game

The short games are excellent practice to complete checkmate if a player has an advantage with pieces:

  1. Queen & Rook v’s King
  2. Rook & Rook v’s King
  3. Queen & King v’s King
  4. Rook & King v’s King

Chess Variations

Click on any of the following games for a quick tutorial:

5X5 Chess – Chess on a 25 square board!

Loser Chess or Anti-Chess – chess pieces with an upside down objective!

King of the Hill – regular chess but with an additional route to victory!

Curtain Chess (Reveal Chess) – a secret setup before the big reveal!

Horde Chess – What chance might an army of pawns have against a standard setup?

Racing Kings – Get the King across the board safely!

Online Chess

Some chess teachers may choose to facilitate online chess groups and this can be easily done with See below some tips and tutorials on using this online chess platform to initiate an online chess club for your players.

Lichess Tutorial Video for Students & Parents has resources to teach the basics of chess also.

Recommended Websites for Beyond Checkmate Tactics