Primary Teachers Promoting Chess

Area Coordinators

Who are they?

Area Coordinators (ACs) are primary school teachers who have experience in teaching and leading chess in their schools, have acted as Cohosts at Féile Fichille tournaments themselves and are familiar with all the logistics involved. There are over 20 ACs around the country supporting schools as they prepare to attend our Féile Fichille and they are happy to answer technical questions about being a school’s Ficheall coordinator or chess teacher. ACs are also happy to answer questions from teachers who are tentatively thinking about introducing chess to their school and will do their best to support and guide teachers at whichever level they and their students are currently at.

If you’ve any questions or to get in touch with your local AC, contact us here. Please understand that Area Coordinators are working primary school teachers and volunteer their free time to Ficheall. Please do not expect immediate or next day replies to queries. It may take a few days for an email to be replied to.

What’s involved in the AC role?

The AC role, involves supporting Cohosts and Venue hosts for approximately anywhere from two to six tournaments around a county or region and involves a commitment of 1- 2 hours per week. They also link in with Education Centres, Cohosts, venues and the arbiters, particularly in the run up to Féile Fichille tournaments, which all run off from January – March. The AC role is excellent for teachers looking to hone and develop their leadership and management skills, with some going on to deliver courses in Education Centres.